Here is how to prevent maskne breakouts if you have been dealing with it during this COVID 19 pandemic. Here are some simple tips for maskne treatment.

To start, what exactly is maskne, or acne mechanica? Here is a quick definition from PubMed: “The term acne mechanica designates local exacerbations due to pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing, or stretching.”

As you have experienced and will learn more about below, wearing tight facemasks all day really irritates the delicate facial skin and causes maskne breakouts. You can prevent it by following these tips listed below!

How To Prevent Maskne Breakouts

It doesn’t have to be hard to prevent these pesky spots from occurring:

Use An Anti-Inflammatory Spray for Maskne Breakouts

  • I bet you haven’t heard this tip before! Apply a spray containing hypochlorous acid on clean skin before wearing your mask. HClO occurs naturally in our skin. This helps prevent and fight acne inflammation and feels super refreshing. Using vitamin c serum, or your acne treatment under the mask is another great preventative. I’ve personally used the Tower 28 SOS Spray and enjoyed it. Check out another spray that I’ve included below to consider.

Avoid Wearing Makeup to Prevent Maskne Breakouts

  • This is obvious, but still important to mention: try not to wear makeup underneath your mask! The combination of makeup, friction, and heat can really cause those annoying maskne acne breakouts.

Regularly Wash Your Mask

  • If you have a cloth mask make sure you wash and dry it on high heat regularly to kill bacteria. Our mouths have a ton of bacteria and mixing that with makeup, sweat, oils, etc. creates an icky recipe for acne. Try to also have a few cloth masks on hand so you don’t have to wash them every day. You can also stock up on disposable masks for the days that you might not be able to get your laundry done (or if you forget like in my case!).

Consider A Different Fabric To Prevent Maskne Breakouts

  • Any mask is better than no mask, but if you are dealing with acne, consider swapping to a silk mask. The fabric helps prevent friction on your face, which leads to the prevention of maskne breakouts. There are also some companies that have developed masks with anti-microbial fabric. I currently know that Silvon has anti-microbial masks that you can pre-order as of writing this article. I’ve also included some stylish silk masks below that you can shop.

Wash Your Face Consistently

  • Wearing makeup or not, always wash your face right before and after wearing your mask.

I hope that these tips help you out on your journey to prevent maskne breakouts.

Keeping your skin barrier healthy and moisturized is another great way to prevent acne. Check out my holy grail morning routine for healthy and happy skin HERE that has whipped my skin into shape!

When it comes to your preference on face masks, have you bought a fun patterned cloth or silk mask or have you stuck with the surgical style disposable ones?

Best, Mia


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