Do you have an addiction to popping your zits? If you are desperate for help on how to STOP popping pimples, you need this affordable hack!

You probably already know how bad it is to pop pimples. They can turn into deep acne scars, or just keep getting reinfected – furthering the cycle.

If a giant pimple has erupted on your face you need this!

Band-Aid Hydro-Seal Non-Medicated Acne Blemish Patch!

This is why you need it: For one, there are pimple patches out there that are medicated and made especially for spots on the skin. But they tend to be very expensive!

These Band-Aid Acne Blemish Patches only cost me around $4 for 7 oversized patches!

They will do such a great job at protecting your skin. Learn more below!

Why You Should Use These Pimple Patches

If you are looking to get over your habit of how to stop popping pimples, I highly encourage you to try these out! These Band Aide Blemish Patches are affordable and can be found at your local drugstore of CVS unlike some of the specialty pimple patches you can only find at Ulta or Sephora. Of course, Amazon also has them but for a bit more money.

These provide the optimal healing environment to get rid of pimples fast!

Another reason why you should reach for these patches? They are bigger than the average “spot” patch and cover a way larger area! This is very useful as it can cover a GIANT zit easily, without the patch moving or not fitting.

Um, check out this giant eruption that I used the patch on:

how to stop popping pimples with two whiteheads

Plus, since this is a BandAid brand I have found that these patches stick much better than little spot patches. It is very sticky and won’t budge! I even put on my serums and moisturizer on before adding it, and it still will adhere very well.

All this is very important because this forms a very protective layer that will stop you from picking your zit.

It is useful to put a Band Aid over cystic acne. It helps you stop picking, and it can even absorb fluid from the blemish.

That shows that it is working!

To be clear, there is no medication in this. It just serves as a barrier. You could always add your spot treatment under this hydro seal bandaid though!

Band Aid Acne Patch Review

Here is a picture of me using one of these patches! I really liked applying this to this huge breakout because it stopped me from the urge to pick at it. I still can touch the pimple and feel it through the patch – but it also serves as a reminder to not do anything else!

band aid acne patch review

I like that this is a discreet, thin patch that you can wear overnight.

The only con I say to this is that it does wrinkle the skin a bit when you take it off. But, just like when you wake up with sleep wrinkles, they fade after you wash your face and get on with the day.

Here are other patches to try that, while more expensive, contain hydrocolloids and can pull out oil and pus.

I hope this helps you in how to stop popping pimples and in your battle against acne!

Best, Mia

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