Valentines Day is just around the corner, so show your nails some LOVE with these red Valentines Day nails ideas! Find the best Love Day nail inspiration here with different patterns, colors, & shape styles to inspire your next manicure.

Red is classic for the holiday, but classic doesn’t have to be boring or predictable! There are so many different wraps and decals you can buy to spice it up. Some of it is DIY as well! So, let’s jump into some of the best Red Valentine’s Day nails you’ll want to show off!

Red Valentines Day Nails

Here is some inspiration as well as fun press-on nails you can buy on Etsy! Whether you go to the salon or like to DIY at home, you’re covered!

Red Patterned Nails Ideas Valentines Nails 2023

red valentines day nails

Red Glitter Nails

Red Short Nails For Valentines Day

Red Simple Valentines Day Nails

Red Valentine’s Nails Patterned Press Ons You Can Buy

Buy these red press-on nails from ETSY!

Buy these ox-blood red press-on nails from ETSY!

This Cajun Red color is bold and fun! The press on set is from ETSY!

I hope you are able to snag some inspiration for your red Valentine’s nails 2023!

Sending you love, Mia

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