Marilyn Monroe is one of the most beautiful, alluring, and mysterious women of all time. Even though she lived long ago, her face is recognizable to almost everyone. She is associated with her glamorous makeup and style, and iconic red lips. The dolled-up, sex-pot movie star is how she will be remembered. But what did she look like underneath it all? See the rare Marilyn Monroe no makeup photos here.

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup

It is well known that despite being successful and loved by the public Marilyn was deeply insecure and unhappy. There is apparently a quote from her that says “My problem with men is that they all want to go to bed with Marilyn, but they wake up with Norma Jean.” She dealt with a life of trauma that found herself constantly doubting her self-worth.

Did Marilyn Monroe like makeup? She is said to have an intricate makeup routine to make her look her best, by her talented makeup artist and friend Allan “Whitey” Smith. There are some pretty bizarre tricks they used to make her look like a bombshell – such as Vaseline under foundation, and a five layered lip.

So it isn’t surprising that there aren’t many pictures of Marilyn Monroe without makeup. She felt like she had a facade to keep up with, and was rarely photographed without makeup.

Here are some of those times when her bare face was captured on camera – still looking like a one of a kind, natural beauty!

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Marilyn was a beauty and even without make has lovely skin and pretty features. It’s a shame she left us so soon.

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MARILYN Monroe no makeup

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