If you have pitted acne scars, microneedling should be your go-to to achieve smooth skin.

Another bonus about microneedling is that if you are on a budget, you can also do it at home! This Microneedling At Home Review will teach you how to get gorgeous skin without spending a lot.

In this article, I break down what it takes to perform microneedling effectively. This will closely recreate the treatments I’ve gotten done at the dermatologist’s office. This is all at a fraction of the price as well!

how to microneedle at home for pitted acne scars
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Why Microneedling Is The Best Affordable Option For Acne Scars

Click to read my previous article about microneedling. In it I explain why it’s the best affordable solution for pitted acne scars.

I’ve also described the process of getting it done in the office. You’ll see that I promised I would share how you can also do pretty much the same treatment at home.

Let’s dive in!

*As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor or dermatologist. I am just describing what has worked for me. Please use caution when considering this at home microneedling review. READ IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, and take care to use sterilized products that you’ve ordered from a trusted source.*

Which Microneedling Pen To Use At Home

First off, DO NOT USE A DERMAROLLER FOR THIS TREATMENT. Those are not the best for skin, and from experience, I know that they don’t offer as good of results.

As you guessed, a microneedling pen is a much better option. It’s also closer to the devices a dermatologist’s office uses.

Furthermore, my esthetician uses the SkinPen device on me. I’ve linked SkinPen’s website here for you to see what it is.

It looks very similar to the pen I recommend below!

The ORA Derma Pen System

After researching, I found this ORA Electric Microneedle Derma Pen System online. It has the “pen shape” I was looking for!

It has TONS of great reviews and it most importantly had the style of needles I wanted.

This is the product that I have bought, used at home, and highly recommend. It is also a steal at $82 dollars.

This pen comes with refillable needle cartridges that are in sterilized, individual packaging.

A single SkinPen treatment at the dermatologist costs me $300. But, I can get two treatments with this at home microneedle pen for $82!

From then on, I only need to pay the low cost of replacement needles (3 for $20) to perform future treatments.

How The ORA Derma Pen Is Different

Instead of MANUALLY rolling across the skin like a derma roller, the needles of the ORA Derma Pen do the work for you. Just plug in the pen, and the needles move in a VERY fast up and down motion almost like it’s irrigating your face.

The ORA Derma Pen System feels like it’s vibrating when you use it. That motion leaves much cleaner piercings using controlled and precise needle strokes.

Using this style of microneedling pen doesn’t tear or drag on the skin.

A few paragraphs down I’ll explain the exact steps I follow when microneedling at home with this pen.

How The ORA Pen Looks + Needle Tips

ORA Pen Appearance

ORA Electric Microneedle Derma Pen System
The ORA Microneedling Pen

The sleek red and white ORA Pen plugs into the wall and comes with an AC Adaptor/Wall Charger. The pen has a long cord and both of these factors make it so easy to use.

Furthermore, when using the pen, you can adjust then depth of the needles by turning the metal ring near them.

Turn it to go up or down in length.

The button on the pen will turn different colors when using it. This helps you differentiate the five different speeds it offers.

As mentioned, the pen comes equipped with 2 replaceable needle tips. I like how they are individually packaged and sterile.

The instructions that come with the ORA Pen say you can reuse the needle tips once or twice.

I personally don’t think that’s what you should do (I don’t).

If you bleed during the process, it’s probably best to just throw away the needle and start fresh next time.

ORA Refillable Needle Tips

The refillable needle heads are available for $20 for 3 on Dermstore.com, linked here.

To me, this just feels much more sanitary and safe.

Since we are on the subject, I wouldn’t order the needles from a site like Amazon! I am not 100% sure that the products available from Amazon are as regulated for safety.

Who knows if microneedling products from Amazon are packaged in a sterile way.

Dermstore.com carries this kit, which is where I ordered it from. In my opinion, I trust Dermstore.com as a reputable site. Buying something medically related from them feels more comfortable to me.

Microneedling At Home Steps

Other Essential Products To Have When Microneedling At Home

You can’t order your pen and get to microneedling on your bare skin right away. There are a few other products you need to keep this process safe.

I’ve linked all the products here that you can get for convenience!

Numbing Cream

First, a numbing cream is a must-have. I use this Numb Master 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream that isn’t too expensive. You can find it on Amazon, and it will last you a while!

Apply it to a clean face and then leave it on for 15 minutes. Be sure to completely remove it before you start microneedling.

Sterile Wipes

Second, when your face is numb and you have removed the cream, wipe down your skin to prevent infections.

They wipe down my face with alcohol when in the dermatologist’s office, so I make sure to do it too.

I ordered these Alcohol Prep Pad Swabs from BD on Amazon. You might need two pads to wipe down your whole face. Wipe, then let dry!


Serum is super important after you have prepped the face.

They use a gel-like serum on my face when microneedling at my dermatologist’s office. I do as well to prevent drag on the skin with the needles.

I have personally used The Ordinary “Buffet” when microneedling at home.

Not only does it provide the slip needed when using the needles on the skin, it also has skin benefits.

I haven’t used this, but I am considering trying The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides next! Copper peptides are great for healing acne scars. That definitely is going to be on my list!

Be sure to not use any harsh acids like Vitamin C, retinols, etc when microneedling, (Before and After). This is because your skin is going to be super sensitve.

My doctor’s office recommends not resuming normal skincare for a week after treatment. So, I’ll do the same when microneedling at home. I make sure to baby the skin and hydrate it.


When I microneedle at home, I tend to have some very minor bleeding which is natural. I use a sterile gauze to pat off the blood. This is because I am dealing with the face, blood, and wanting to avoid infections. These Cushion Care Gauze Pads from Band-Aid Brand are great for that!

How to Use Your Microneedling Pen

Getting Your Microneedling Pen Set Up

First, use the products mentioned above. Numbing cream, wipes, and a serum that is going to be gentle on the skin. Plug your pen’s adaptor into the wall!

There will be instructions in the packaging for you to follow as well.

Starting out, you want to adjust the needle length to whatever you want to begin at.

The cheeks can typically take a longer needle length, but go shorter on the temples where it’s bonier.

Try not to go above 2 if you are doing this at home. As a generalization, a deeper needle length is more painful. Still, I promise it won’t be bad especially when you have applied numbing cream. It is more like an intense vibration sensation.

Using The Microneedling Pen On Your Skin

Pull the skin you want to microneedle taut, and then glide the needles over that area.

Make sure that serum has been applied to it and with gentle pressure create this pattern on your face:

how to microneedle at home
This ensures that every inch of your skin is covered by the device!

You’ll do 4 different directions.

Be careful around the delicate eye area. Repeat all over the face in sections trying to get every inch of the skin using that pattern. Apply more serum if you need to!

You might experience a bit of bleeding, just use the gauze to kind of pat it off. The needle does get a little bloody so just switch it out if you really need to.

Be super gentle and make sure you have enough slip on your skin so the needles don’t tug on your skin.

Finally, when done, wipe again with clean, sterile gauze then let your face be.

Important Microneedling At Home After Care

I try to mimic what they tell me in my dermatologist’s office: only wash with cold water the first day. By the second day, you can start gentle cleansing and applying lotion.

As another reminder, stay away from harsh acids and serums for at least two weeks. Just focus on healing the skin and keeping it hydrated.

Take care of your skin and make sure you wear sunscreen always. After a week or so, the redness goes away, and your skin won’t be flaky.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Micro Needling At Home?

Don’t repeat this process again until a month later! Your skin takes 30 days to regenerate and create more of that collagen you need to repair acne scars.

That is why you shouldn’t repeat the procedure again until 30 days to avoid interrupting the healing process.

So, you should see some results in about a month.

If you are new to microneedling, please take care when doing this and know that it will probably take three treatments for your skin to show pretty good improvement, depending on your own body.

Is Microneedling At Home Effective?

This dermapen at home review works really well if you are on a super tight budget.

It’s a no-brainer, very affordable way to get the microneedling results pitted skin needs, as this pen is a fraction of the price of one treatment.

The refills are cheap so you can do this at home every month or so for way less than what you will spend at a dermatologist’s office.

Microneedling at home is super effective!

But, I will say that if I have the money I really do enjoy going to the dermatologist for this treatment too. It is nice to lay back and let someone else do the work, and they have more advanced technology that I would like to try.

For example, there is a microneedling treatment called Vivace. It uses radiofrequency energy in the process to tighten skin and improve tone. I’d love to try this out as well as I heard it gives great results.

It’s The Most Affordable And Effective At Home Microneedling Treatment

In the long run though, it is so effective and money friendly to get your own microneedling kit for at home.

There isn’t a better way to get rid of pitted acne scars at home for cheap!

There is also no harm in doing this for upkeep too, which is another bonus, and a process that will last you.

Do you also have other skin concerns like fine lines, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and/or dull skin? The ORA Pen can also help improve that, which is another great reason to try this out for yourself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide as it is the key to gorgeous skin at home! Please let me know in the comments any questions you might have as I am here to help.

Have you ever used copper peptides for acne scars? Let me know your thoughts, and if you think combining it with microneedling would give amazing results!

Best, Mia

This content is for informational purposes only, and what has worked for me personally based on my own opinions. I am not a professional/medical doctor, and you should always consult your doctor or dermatologist on what will work best for you. The information presented here is not legitimate, official advice from a professional. If you choose to rely on any information from this blog, you do so at your own risk. Please refer to the “Blog Disclaimer” tab in the menu bar to read more information and the official disclaimer statement.

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