According to TikTok, the “butterfly haircut” continues to be a huge trend for 2023! Are you curious about the butterfly cut, and if you should get it? Read on for the best hair types that suit this cut, as well as inspiration pictures to take with you to the salon!


What Is A Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly haircut has all the 70s vibes, and is called this generation’s version of “The Rachel”! This cut leaves you with lots of layers, & makes the end result look super voluminous. When you use rollers or curl the ends, it looks so gorgeous and fluffy. Not to mention, it gives your hair lots of movement!

Let’s get into the inspiration pictures so you can see for yourself! Below, I also talk about who should get a butterfly haircut and other points to consider before getting the chop.

Butterfly Haircut Inspiration Pics

Above is a super cute short butterfly haircut! Going for a shorter haircut feels like a fresh change vs. the super long beachy waves everyone seemed to rock over the past few years. The many layers also give it a “messy but good messy” look with all its movement vs. a perfectly placed Instagram-ready hairstyle we all are used to. Here you can see how it really looks like “The Rachel” haircut, but a modern version with a lot more curl and volume.

You can also go as short or long with the layer length as you want! Do longer for less volume around the face.

Butterfly Haircut For Long Hair, Long Hair Butterfly Haircut

If you just can’t get rid of your long hair, you can still have a butterfly haircut! Long hair looks great with lots of layers, and it looks super effortless when it’s blown out vs. when curled with a curling iron. A butterfly haircut works so well on longer length as you can get a layered look without sacrificing length.

Butterfly Haircut Medium Length

I think that the butterfly haircut also looks great on hair that isn’t colored/one color all over! It is a great way to add definition and dimension without getting the hair dyed.

Butterfly Haircut Female
Butterfly Haircut with Bangs

Subtle, longer layers also feel super fresh!

TikTok Butterfly Haircut Inspiration


spent weeks watching so many vids of ppl trying this and not a single one looked bad so i caved #butterflycut #diyhaircut #layeredhaircut

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

Should I Get A Butterfly Haircut?

As you can see from the pictures, this style works on ALL lengths of hair! Typically, it is best for girls with longer hair as you can get a lot of layers and movement without sacrificing length. Sometimes, the multilayered cut on shorter hair adds major volume but can almost look poufy and poodle-like. Honestly, though – that is the style right now as 90’s layered haircuts are very on-trend.

The butterfly haircut also works on all textures of hair as well as medium and thick hair. But, one thing to consider before cutting is if you have very thin hair. Adding lots of layers can make it look even thinner, especially at the end.

What Face Shape Is The Butterfly Haircut For?

Butterfly cuts are good for oval and square faces, just due to the nature of the layers framing the face. If you have a round face, just opt for longer layers which will lengthen the face.

Is a Butterfly Cut Low Maintenance?

Due to the layers blending so well, especially around the face, you could say this cut is low maintenance! It will grow out looking effortless as well. To achieve the voluminous look on TikTok, you will have to style it though. Blow dry the hair with a round brush, curling the ends of the hair in. You can also use hot rollers!

Can You Do A Butterfly Cut At Home?

Yes! Professional hairstylist Brad Mondo shows viewers how to do the Butterfly haircut at home. I was honestly blown away by how easy it looked! Everyone who has done it at home also looked amazing with their DIY haircut. Of course, just try to err on the side of caution and start by cutting off a tiny length and see how it looks from there. Check out the video!

Best, Mia

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