There’s lots of advice out there on how to look slimmer in photos. But what if you’d rather post some beautifully curvy photos to your feed? If you weren’t born with a voluptuous body, no worries! Those with smaller bums can instantly give the illusion of a curvier backside, or fuller hips – it’s just all in the way you pose. Here are some great reference photos of poses to recreate that will help boost the curves on a skinnier body!

how to look curvier in photos

The 7 Best Poses To Make You Look Curvy In Photos

Remember these poses for your next IG photoshoot!

1. Majorly Lean Into Hips

This is a simple pose to recreate that won’t feel awkward or super theatrical while in public! Choose a hip, and really lean into it with all your weight on the same side leg. You’ll push out your hip creating a pretty curvy line.

Another variation of this pose is to lean on a wall for support! This will look even more goddess-like when you cross your leg over the other.

2. One Leg Lifted & Bent At Knee

You can achieve this relaxed and playful pose by leaning against a wall and bending the knee so the thigh is perpendicular to the body. Then, bring it across your body to really make the booty look bigger from the side. You can also do this freestanding!

3. Bend Forward From The Waist

This is a surefire way to create a lovely hourglass figure. You’ll create an optical illusion by making the top half of your body look bigger since you are closer to the camera. Then, the waist will look smaller in comparison! This is great for those with smaller busts.

4. Pop & Arch The Back

This is probably the most classic pose when it comes to enhancing what you got! Arching your back from the side or behind will really make the bum curvier. Stand with your back to the camera or mirror and turn 45 degrees. Put the legs shoulder width apart and arch! Then, look over your shoulder. This will cause the the waist to twist and look even smaller – making the backside look bigger.

5. Cross Leg & Lean Into Back Hip

This will majorly push out the booty and create a curvy line, as well as elongate your figure.

6. Put Hands Around Waist

In the same vein as twisting your torso to make your waist look smaller, placing the hands around the waist will also make it look tinier. A tinier waist = hips and bum looking bigger in comparison.

7. Lay Down & Cross Leg Over

This is basically the same as the other poses above, just on the ground! This is perfect for beach/poolside photos.

I hope these poses help you to look curvier in photos! They are pretty easy to remember and execute – and will definitely make you feel like a femme fatale!

Best, Mia

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