Olaplex No. 3 is a staple for haircare lovers! It is the perfect product to add to your routine to repair dry, damaged hair. The only drawback is the price! For those on a budget, spending $30 on a small bottle of Olaplex isn’t ideal. Not to mention, sometimes the Olaplex process is lengthy and annoying (in my opinion of course). What if there was an better option? Fortunately, there is a $12 Olaplex dupe – & it’s easier to use as well!

olaplex dupe

Olaplex Dupe

This Olaplex dupe is the Inkey List Bond Repair!

Currently, you can get it from Inkey List or Sephora.

This is what it looks like! It is $12 and is a 3.4 oz bottle. It has a spray nozzle, and to apply, spritz it all over freshly washed hair.

I love that you just spray it on and it will go to work – that it! No waiting and washing it out like Olaplex.

It works by “penetrating the hair fiber, targeting all three types of bonds to repair, strengthen, and defend against future damage.”

Key Benefits:
– Softens and fights frizz
– Boosts shine and bounce
– Repairs, strengthens, and protects hair from color damage and heat styling

Inkey List PCA Bond Repair Ingredients

Highlighted Ingredients:
– Granrepair Powerbond 10%: A bond technology that repairs severely damaged hair due to dye and bleach use.
– Crodasone™ P 2%: Protects hair from thermal damage and splitting.
– Betaine 2%: Conditions hair, leaving it soft and healthy.

How To Use Inkey List PCA Bond Repair

If you have Straight, Wavy, Curly, or Coily hair, then this product will benefit you! It also works for all hair textures and concerns like dryness, dullness, and major damage.

You just shake up the bottle, and press the pump to spray into damp, towel-dried hair. Depending on your hair length and thickness, you will need between 4-10 pumps. That’s it! No need to do anything else. As sson as your hair is dry, you will notice how much smoother and shinier it is! No more frizzy looking hair.

By comparison, the Olaplex process is time-consuming. You have to get the hair wet, and then apply it from the root to the tip of the hair and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, you must rinse it out, and shampoo and condition it after. Sometimes it is a hassle for me to do that haha!

With the Inkey List PCA Bond Repair, I love that you get great results with way less effort.

Olaplex Dupe Before and After

My hair is way sleeker and less frizzy/coarse after using this product. I 10/10 recommend this product due to the price and the ease of use. I did notice that some reviews on the website mentioned that there were issues with the product clumping. I have not experienced that, but did want to throw it out there that it may happen. But honestly, considering the price point, it wouldn’t be too bad to take a chance on!

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I hope you enjoy and have a blessed day!


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