Light blue is one of my favorite colors. If I see anything in a powder blue hue I want it! I created 15+ light blue iPhone wallpaper options that you can easily save to your phone, all for free! These are made custom from me to you, and I hope you enjoy!

Light Blue iPhone Wallpaper

I made an array of different patterns, shapes, and aesthetics for you to choose from. If you want to check out more custom iPhone wallpaper freebies, check out these as well:

If you find a wallpaper (or multiple!) that you love, it is super easy to save. If you are on your phone, just hold down on the wallpaper and press “Save to Photos”. Then go into your Camera Roll and you can use the photo as wallpaper for your Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both!

Also, in case the quality on the website isn’t as clear, click this link to directly download all wallpaper shown here.

Light Blue Smiley Face iPhone Wallpaper

light blue iphone wallpaper

Inspirational Quote iPhone Wallpaper

light blue iphone wallpaper

Abstract Rainbow Light Blue iPhone Wallpaper

iphone wallpaper

Light Blue Floral iPhone Wallpaper

blue iphone wallpaper

Abstract Shape iPhone Wallpaper

blue iphone wallpaper

Hearts iPhone Wallpaper

iphone wallpaper

Blue Star iPhone Wallpaper

wallpaper for iphone

Light Blue Watercolor iPhone Wallpaper

watercolor iphone wallpaper
iphone wallpaper blue

Paw Print iPhone Wallpaper

Ocean Waves iPhone Wallpaper

Blue Plaid iPhone Wallpaper

iphone wallpaper blue

I had a lot of fun making these custom iPhone wallpapers for you! I hope that you enjoy and keep an eye out for more custom wallpapers to add to your lock or home screen soon!

Best, Mia

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