The shape and size of our face can greatly impact our overall appearance. While there is beauty in all face shapes, some people might feel self-conscious about an oblong face shape and may want to visually shorten it. This is where makeup can come in handy! With the right techniques, it is possible to create the illusion of a shorter face. Here’s a quick guide on how to just that with some simple makeup/beauty tips.

how to shorten a long face visually with makeup

Makeup Tips to Shorten the Midface

First and foremost, it is important to have a good understanding of your face shape. This will help you determine which areas you want to visually shorten and which areas you want to highlight. For those with a longer face shape, the goal is to create the illusion of a wider and shorter face. This can be achieved by focusing on the outer edges of the face and avoiding any techniques that will elongate it even further.

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how to shorten face with makeup


To start, you can use a foundation that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone to create shadows on the sides of your face. This will help to visually narrow the face and make it appear shorter. You can also use a matte bronzer on the outer edges of your forehead and along your jawline to further create the illusion of a shorter face.


Another technique is to contour your cheekbones. By using a darker shade of bronzer or contour powder, you can create shadows under your cheekbones, making them appear more prominent and giving the illusion of a shorter face. Be sure to blend the contour well to avoid any harsh lines.


Placement of your blush should be right below the eye in the center of the cheek. Don’t bring it lower than the nose, and don’t apply it too high on the cheekbone. When the blush is in the middle of the face, your eye will be drawn to the center rather than the length. (Any blush higher up will draw the eye up.)


Highlighting is also key in shortening the face. By using a shimmery highlighter on the high points of your face, such as the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow, you can draw attention to these areas and take focus away from the length of your face.


When it comes to eye makeup, opt for a thicker and more defined brow to balance out the length of your face. This will also help to draw attention to your eyes and away from the length of your face. A straight-shaped brow vs. a very high arched brow is preferable too. With a straight brow, the eye is drawn to the sides of the face. If you stick with highly arched brows, this will bring the eye up, further giving the illusion that your face is long.


For eyeshadow, stick to light, shimmery shades on the inner corners of your eyes and darker shades on the outer corners to create the illusion of wider eyes and a shorter face. Don’t forget to use shadow on the lower lash line, as well as mascara to fill up “blank space”.


Lastly, pay attention to your lip makeup. Avoid dark or bold lip colors, as they can make your face appear longer. Instead, opt for nude or light pink shades and use a lip liner to slightly overdraw your lips. When you do this, it shortens the philtrum length. Overall, overdrawing the lips will create the appearance of a fuller pout and balance out the length of your face.


In addition to these makeup techniques, it is important to also consider your hairstyle. A shorter hairstyle can help to visually shorten your face, while longer hairstyles may accentuate the length. Experiment with different hairstyles to see what works best for you.

In conclusion, with the right makeup techniques and products, it is possible to create the illusion of a shorter face. Remember to focus on creating shadows, highlighting, and balancing out your face with makeup and hairstyle choices. Embrace your unique face shape, but also have fun playing around with makeup to enhance your features and feel confident in your appearance.

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