Utah influencers are famous on TikTok for their very specific way of curling their hair. There has been mixed feedback on the look: people either hate it or love it. When it’s done the right way, I think it looks so gorgeous!

So what makes a Utah Girl hair curl special? Basically, it is a very beachy, loose curl but you have to make sure the bottom few inches are left completely straight. Don’t bring the curling iron down to the ends! Instead, use a flat iron to straighten the ends of the hair as the finishing touch.

I love the effortless look of it, so let’s jump into these 3 different tutorials to help you achieve the Utah Girl Hair vibe!

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How To Get The Utah Girl Hair Style

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I am obsessed with the style aesthetic/overall vibes of Utah influencers right now. Here are some helpful tutorials I’ve seen on TikTok, to show you how exactly to recreate this look:

Utah Curls with a Curling Iron


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♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Here is a very helpful tutorial I have found that works to get this style. The technique of unraveling the curl and pulling down on it gives more of a “loose zig-zag” type style vs. a Shirley Temple “bouncy corkscrew” curl. This is especially because you have to brush out the curl after. Hopefully, that makes sense!

If you have longer hair, this will probably be the easiest way to get the look. For girls with shorter hair, check out the next way to get Utah Curls.

Utah Curls with a Flat Iron

If you have short hair, this should be pretty easy to try using a flat iron. One bonus of doing the curl with a flat iron is that you can be sure the ends will end up straight. Emery Chipman is pretty much the creator of the Utah Girl hair style and style!

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Beach Waver for Utah Hair

The first two examples are what you would typically call “Utah Girl Hair”. Recently, I am seeing a lot of Utah influencers move to these crimped waves, with less emphasis on the straight ends:

@hallesoswag is a great follow on TikTok! This creator shares daily GRWM routines, and little peeks into her life. It really feels like you are FaceTiming with a friend and sharing the day with her on her account! Recently, she has said that mermaid’s hair is her new go-to. It is iconic on long hair – even Emery Chipman is doing this style more frequently since she has gotten extensions. I actually have the same beach waver as Halle that I got a few years ago. It is super affordable and works great. Here it is!

Revlon 3 Barrel Jumbo Hair Waver

Do you love curled hair with straight ends? One of these tutorials will be sure to get you the style you want!

Now that you know how to get Utah Girl hair, check out my post on Utah Girl Makeup, and the products you need to recreate your favorite Utah influencer’s makeup routine!

Best, Mia

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