Light blue nails are definitely something you should try out this spring! This nail style is the perfect option to add color into the mix without being too bold or over the top. If you are wanting a soothing and calm-looking manicure, light blue nails are the way to go! There are lots of different baby blue nail designs to try out, so I have gathered some trending looks in light blue to copy the next time you have a nail appointment!

If you are more of a DIY person, I’ve got some great options to purchase online as well!

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Light Blue Nail Ideas

What’s the meaning of light blue nails? Light blue nails evoke feelings of peace and calmness in our minds. Next time you need help concentrating when taking a test or studying, light blue nails might come in handy due to the way the short wavelength of the color affects our brains.

Light blue colors also remind us of the sky or ocean. Since we associate those things as being very vast and endless, blue might help you feel freer and more creative!

Light Blue Nails With Design

Light Blue French Tip Nails

Baby Blue Nails Inspiration

Light Blue Nails To Buy On Etsy

Thanks so much for checking out these ideas, and I know you’ll be able to use one as inspiration for your next manicure!

Best, Mia

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