Strawberry nails are a super cute style you’ll want to rock no matter the season! If you are looking for a fun & whimsical manicure, look no further than a playful strawberry nails design next time you visit the salon.

Whether you go bold with the pattern or keep it simple, it’s going to look darling! Adding strawberries to a backdrop of pink and red polish is classic, but honestly, any nail color paired with this design will work.

Not feeling like getting your nails done? If you would rather give yourself a strawberry manicure at home, there are also a lot of great press on nails and decals you can purchase from Etsy and Amazon. Now, let’s jump into some of the sweetest strawberry nails inspiration you’ll want to copy!

strawberry nails

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The Best Strawberry Nails Inspiration

strawberry nails ideas

TikTok Strawberry Nails Inspiration

Amazon Strawberry Press On Nails

Want to know the easiest way how to do strawberry nails? Snag these decals and press on pre-made nails from Amazon and Etsy. You’ll find pink strawberry nails, acrylic strawberry nails, and coffin strawberry nails.

Strawberry Nails You Can Buy From Etsy

Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial

If you are interested in more nail ideas/inspiration for your next manicure, check out my Nails Archive here!

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