Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills has changed the brow game forever! This company brought back the emphasis on full, perfectly snatched brows around the mid-2010s. Now there is no way I leave the house without filling in my eyebrows! As current trends move toward laminated brows, Anastasia Brow Freeze Sculpting Wax is a must to recreate the look. The only downside is that it’s pretty pricy at $23. Fortunately, there is a Brow Freeze dupe out there that you are bound to love! As a bonus, they are super affordable as well. Read on for the 5 best Brow Freeze dupes.


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7 Anastasia Brow Freeze Dupe Options

All of these options can be found at the drugstore, or on Amazon!

e.l.f. Brow Lift

This viral ABH Brow Freeze Dupe is alllll over TikTok. The packaging looks super similar, and the clear wax contains almost the same ingredients. The e.l.f. dupe is formulated without phalates and other yucky parabens. The product cost $6 at Ulta, and the compatible spoolie brush recommended to apply the product is $4. I love the flat end on this brush to really cement the brow down! The e.l.f. Brow Lift has about 0.31 oz of product vs the ABH Brow Freeze 0.28 oz. So, you get more product for more than half the price (including the brush!)

NYX Brow Glue

I have the NYX Brow Glue and I absolutely love it! It holds up my very straight, coarse, and thick brows so well. Another great thing about this product is that it already comes with a spoolie to apply the product – like mascara for the brows. You won’t have to buy a separate spoolie brush to go with it. There are 5 hues to choose from as well! This NYX Brow Freeze Dupe will run you $9 at Ulta or Target.

Got2B Ultra Glued Styling Hair Gel

While an unconventional brow product, using the Got2B Hair Gel on your eyebrows is literally genius! This super strong formulation will make sure your brows do not budge – this is a great option if you have thick/coarse brows that tend to fall down after a few hours. You will have to buy a separate spoolie. Still, if this mini size is only $2.99, you can snag the Elf brush mentione above for about $7!

ColourPop Styling Wax

The ColourPop dupe for Brow Freeze looks super chic and cute! You spritz just a tiny bit of water on the product and activate the wax by swirling it with the coordinating ColourPop spoolie. Then, it starts to create a gel like texture that will give you that floofy, laminated brow look. What’s great is that there are two color options: classic clear, or tinted. This is a more expensive dupe if you are needing to purchase the product ($9) and spoolie ($7) together.

IMethod Styling Wax

Moving on to some Amazon Brow Freeze dupes, this IMethod Styling Wax is a great Amazon pick that has thousands of reviews. They tried to make this dupe look similar to the ABH version too.

City Color Be Bold Brow Soap

This no-frills brow wax has a ton of product for the price. The larger container makes it easier to get every bit of the product out.

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Soap Bar and Water

You can’t beat Dr. Bronner’s Soap Bar for cost effectiveness! Plus, this will most likely last you years due to how big it is. This is the original way to get the “soap brow”, and will make your brows look volumized and textured. Not to matter, they won’t stray out of place!

Now you know the best Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Dupes! So is a Brow Freeze dupe worth it? Definitely, if you haven’t gotten your eyebrows laminated yet. You can recreate the look at home for a few dollars, and wash it off at night! Just like the original Brow Freeze product, you can take it off with makeup remover or your favorite facial cleanser. Don’t forget to regularly wash the spoolies as well!

Best, Mia

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