The last hair trend that everyone went crazy for was none other than the butterfly haircut. Now, we are seeing another bold and edgy style start to take over: Gemini Hair! According to Pinterest Predicts 2023, there’s a very sharp increase in the search of the term – people are absolutely loving it! Let’s jump into what exactly the Gemini Hair trend is, and see example pictures to take to the salon if you are wanting to rock this look too.

What Is A Gemini Hairstyle?

Gemini hair is basically split dyed hair, or hair colored two different colors. You can dye your hair two contrasting hues on the top half layer and bottom half layer, or dual hair colors on each side of a middle part. This hairstyle is meant to emulate the Gemini zodiac sign that represents two different personalities in one, where both are expressed at the same time.

This on-trend hairstyle is actually really doable for all people! It doesn’t have to be bright yellow and pink if you aren’t into such a bold statement. It can be as simple as blonde on top, and a darker blonde underneath. Two small, chunky money pieces by the face in a contrasting hue are fun as well!

All in all, this hairstyle is really bringing back memories of the mid-2000s hair that was so popular when I was in high school. Girls would rock dark brown/black hair in their under layers, with blonde on top. I love that this is making a comeback like many other Y2K trends! Now, onto the inspiration pictures so you can see for yourself!

The Best Gemini Hairstyle Inspiration Pictures

If you love the idea of a split dye and the meaning behind Gemini Hair, but don’t want something super drastic, go for this fun chunky stripe! Be sure to check out my blog post all about “Skunk Hair” then too!

If you aren’t wanting to go too bold, this hairstyle is perfect for you! Get in on the trend, but with more natural tones with less of a harsh contrast. I also love how the lighter layer is on bottom!

We’ve seen many people on TikTok asking if they should go red! This hair color is definitely trending right now. If you still love blonde hues too, go for both!

Here is another red split dye hairstyle to copy this season!

How cool does this look?

I love the soft peach hue of her hair – you for sure will have a unique and one of a kind hairstyle if you opt for this look!

This look definitely gives Gemini, sweet and sour vibes!

Dual hair colors are so fun! Show off your playful side with a pastel split dye.

Even celebrities like Dua Lipa have gotten behind this trend:

So what do you think about this style? I think it’s actually a fun and customizable trend that all people can get behind! If you aren’t quite ready to make a permanent decision, you can always try out the look first with temporary color.

Temporary Split Dye Hairstyle Products

Here’s the the best products to use when trying out the half and half hairstyle for the first time – just to make sure you love it!

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